AppViz 3.1 adds great new features and a great new price

AppViz 3.1 is our first major feature release update to AppViz 3. We’ve added a number of highly requested features as part of our plan to continuously improve AppViz. We’ve also heard your feedback and created a new pricing tier for smaller businesses, indies and hobbyists. The new tier allows you to track 5 apps for just $5 / month or $50 / year.

We’ve had great feedback on our financial features in AppViz 3, and so one of our first major enhancements has been in that area. In 3.1, we’ve improved partner-share financial tracking and reporting. Now you can share in-app purchases and iAd revenue separately and with different partners as needed and you can set up much more complex scenarios when sharing with partner, so that the payment percentage can change over time.

When reading App Store reviews, it’s common to come across some that are not in your native language. Now, we have a translate feature that will provide a machine-translated version of such reviews at the press of a button.

We’ve also been continuing to improve our server’s back-end code so that it handles reports and adapts to any changes Apple makes to iTunes Connect as they happen without requiring updates to the app. Our server downloads new reports for your account daily, so you can just run AppViz when you want to look at the latest data. To improve that further, 3.1 now provides options to automatically download the latest reports, rankings, and reviews onto your computer so that you don’t have to manually trigger it.

AppViz 3.1 also starts to bring back some of the things people liked in AppViz 2 that we didn’t get into the initial version of AppViz 3 including context-specific totals to see how much revenue is being displayed on a graph, combined across a financial report, and so on. And we’ve made a number of other improvements across the app.

3.1 has been our first opportunity to demonstrate another of the benefits of our change to a subscription-based pricing model: In the past, we would have had to hold back some of things this update contains until we had enough such features to qualify as a paid update. Now, we can release them as soon as they are ready.

This is just a start. We have plans for many more improvements and features down the road, and we will continue to roll these out when they are ready. One such thing we’ve been working on and are excited about is our iPhone app. We still have some things to finish up on it, but we’re looking forward to sharing more details about it soon.