AppViz is Shutting Down

We’re sad to announce that as of November 3rd, the service will no longer be available. On that date, AppViz the app will continue running, but the service will no longer download sales and no new updates to the app will be provided.

Despite this news, we’ve worked hard to ensure that you’re not left in the cold. The wonderful team at appFigures has worked with us to provide an opt-in way to transfer your AppViz account to appFigures, and they’ve agreed to honor the remainder of your paid subscription term should you choose to opt-in. This is mainly important for annual subscribers. For monthly users, appFigures’ free trial is long enough to enable a thorough review of their features before you make a commitment.

We’ll be making one last tweak to AppViz to remove the subscription model, provide an easy way to upload to appFigures, and allow you full access to all the features of AppViz 3 (except the download pipeline) until such time as they stop working. appFigures has a FAQ on how to migrate with the latest version of the AppViz Mac Client here.

Any migration to appFigures is opt in and we will not send any data or information to them without you explicitly going through the migration steps. All migration is done securely and your passwords are never sent in any form.

Why appFigures?

appFigures is a great team, founded by two brothers just like us. They’ve been competitors in the best sense of the word. We think what they’ve put together is the best technology you can pay for to track your mobile app sales and downloads. Moreover, they’ve managed to survive and thrive in a tough market and stood their ground, refusing to sell out or sell their customer data to the highest bidder. That says a lot about their integrity. We’re confident that appFigures will take care of you at least as well as we could, and that they’ll bend over backwards to make you happy you switched.

Why Now?

AppViz has always been a labor of love for us here at IdeaSwarm but we’ve reached a point where we have to make a choice between moving forward with AppViz or moving on to a new and exciting opportunity.

What Next?

The three of us continue to be interested in the future of mobile apps. We’ve got something great in the works that we’re really passionate about. We hope to be able to share it with you soon.

A heartfelt thanks to you, our customers, some of whom have been with us for more than a half decade. You’ve been wonderful and we hope that AppViz has in some small way made your life better over the last six years.

IdeaSwarm & Iconfactory

AppViz for iPhone


We’re very excited to launch AppViz for iPhone today. Over the last few months, we’ve been sweating the small details to ship the best version of AppViz for your iPhone. It was a lot of work to hone off the rough edges and fit the AppViz experience into the constraints of a mobile design. We think you’re going to love it.

You can get it FREE with the following link: AppViz for iPhone

When we started designing AppViz for iPhone, it was clear that we didn’t want to recreate the full Mac desktop experience on the phone. That level of detail is best suited to a device with a large screen and power tools that are hard to fit into a mobile app. Instead, we focused on creating an experience tailored to deliver the information you need most as quickly as possible.

AppViz for iPhone is absolutely great for checking sales, downloads and rankings on the fly. We think it will fit right in to your AppViz workflow. Use the iPhone app to get daily numbers and then switch to the Mac for an in depth dive into the data that’s driving your business.

And one of the best things about AppViz for iPhone is that it’s absolutely FREE for users. It supports the same subscription model that AppViz does, meaning it’s free and full featured for a single app. Have more apps? Use both AppViz for Mac and AppViz for iPhone starting at the same $5 / month price.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on how the app turned out. Let us know at We’re looking forward to growing the features and functionality with your support.

The Gang @ IdeaSwarm and the Iconfactory

AppViz 3.1 adds great new features and a great new price

AppViz 3.1 is our first major feature release update to AppViz 3. We’ve added a number of highly requested features as part of our plan to continuously improve AppViz. We’ve also heard your feedback and created a new pricing tier for smaller businesses, indies and hobbyists. The new tier allows you to track 5 apps for just $5 / month or $50 / year.

We’ve had great feedback on our financial features in AppViz 3, and so one of our first major enhancements has been in that area. In 3.1, we’ve improved partner-share financial tracking and reporting. Now you can share in-app purchases and iAd revenue separately and with different partners as needed and you can set up much more complex scenarios when sharing with partner, so that the payment percentage can change over time.

When reading App Store reviews, it’s common to come across some that are not in your native language. Now, we have a translate feature that will provide a machine-translated version of such reviews at the press of a button.

We’ve also been continuing to improve our server’s back-end code so that it handles reports and adapts to any changes Apple makes to iTunes Connect as they happen without requiring updates to the app. Our server downloads new reports for your account daily, so you can just run AppViz when you want to look at the latest data. To improve that further, 3.1 now provides options to automatically download the latest reports, rankings, and reviews onto your computer so that you don’t have to manually trigger it.

AppViz 3.1 also starts to bring back some of the things people liked in AppViz 2 that we didn’t get into the initial version of AppViz 3 including context-specific totals to see how much revenue is being displayed on a graph, combined across a financial report, and so on. And we’ve made a number of other improvements across the app.

3.1 has been our first opportunity to demonstrate another of the benefits of our change to a subscription-based pricing model: In the past, we would have had to hold back some of things this update contains until we had enough such features to qualify as a paid update. Now, we can release them as soon as they are ready.

This is just a start. We have plans for many more improvements and features down the road, and we will continue to roll these out when they are ready. One such thing we’ve been working on and are excited about is our iPhone app. We still have some things to finish up on it, but we’re looking forward to sharing more details about it soon.

AppViz Security Patch in Progress [Updated]

[Update: The servers have been patched and are back online. Thanks for your patience.]

AppViz is currently down for maintenance. As you may have noted in the last 24 hours a major security vulnerability was found in OpenSSL/TLS. This vulnerability affects some of the servers that we use to run AppViz.

This interruption is not part of our ordinary routine. Normally, security patches for AppViz are done behind the scenes before vulnerabilities are released in the wild. Unfortunately, this exploit was made public before we were given the chance to patch our machines. Rather than leave the service running and risk exposing your data, we have chosen to bring the service down while we work on a patch and work with our service providers to resolve any potential issues this may cause.

As of now, our SSL endpoints have been patched. We’re rebuilding our certificates and double checking our security and will turn access to our service back on as soon as we’re absolutely sure that the vulnerability has been taken care of.

Thanks for your patience.

Differences between Sales and Trends and Monthly Financial Reports Explained

We’ve seen some discussions on Twitter around differences between financial and sales and trend reports today. You can follow the discussion at if you’re interested. Over the years this has come up a lot, so we thought it might be helpful to weigh in.

There can be significant differences between sales and trends (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) reports and monthly financial reports from iTunes Connect. Here’s what’s happening, as far as we understand it:

When a user clicks the buy button there are two stages. They enter their account information, download the app, and it shows up as a sale on the sales and trend reports. Sales then have to be confirmed and processed by the payment processor, money changes hands, etc. There’s a chance for a refund and fraud processing, among other things, so a few of those sales might be reversed. That causes a delay between when the sale occurs and when it is recorded in the official accounting ledger. The delay is generally 2 days, give or take. If the delay causes the sales to be pushed past the end of the current monthly financial report date, as determined by Apple’s fiscal calendar, the sales will show up on the next monthly financial report.

Most of the time this difference is small. It is only really obvious when your app goes live toward the end of a financial period or there’s a major traffic spike for one reason or another.

Over time these sales get accounted for, so when you expand the time range you’re looking at, or get a total, the two kinds of sales approach a common truth. Again, for most people this will come under the amount of variance introduced by things like currency translation.

In AppViz 3 the estimated revenue in the upper right comes from the monthly financials first, and weeklies and dailies after the end of the last financial period. Sales can bounce a bit when new financials come in, but this method increases the accuracy of the total figure and reflects real guaranteed sales as much as possible.

The financial section shows direct payments from Apple, rather than estimates, so that’s what we recommend for paying partners and taxes.

Hopefully this explanation helps. You can always contact or @AppViz if you want to discuss something odd you’re seeing, even if you’re not a customer. We live and breathe these numbers, and are happy to talk about it, and as discussed on our new security page, we NEVER disclose customer data.

Counting Beans with AppViz 3

The root of the problem is that all services except AppViz 3 use fluctuating values like fiscal calendar ending dates, payment clearing dates, and currency exchange rates. If you do, you’re making financial guesses.

- Craig Hockenberry,

Today, Craig Hockenberry dove in on his blog to explain why the financial features added in AppViz 3 are valuable to app developers. The new Finance module in AppViz 3 uses the actual payment data and point-in-time exchange rates to make sure that your partner, finance, and tax reporting are as accurate as possible.

Read more on Craig’s blog.

AppViz 3.0.3

AppViz 3.0.3 is now available with more quality of life improvements. Here are the highlights:

  • Added support for 6 new payment currencies
  • Show decimal places for small values on the graphs
  • Ranking breakdown on the reviews tab now reflects the selected version
  • You can now copy paste and multi-select in Reports
  • Added a sort option for Yesterday’s Revenue to the Dashboard.
  • Bug fixes

Hockenberry on AppViz

“A product like AppViz should be easy to build, right? It just downloads a bunch of numbers in tab-delimited format, crunches the data and then reports it in graphs and tables. If only that were true.”Craig Hockenberry

Craig Hockenberry is a respected iOS/Mac developer and a long time AppViz user. He’s also one of the driving forces behind our partnership with the Iconfactory. Recently, Craig went to his blog to explain some of the reasoning behind the hard decisions we made in AppViz 3. If you’re wondering why we’ve gone subscription-only or added the cloud, read on for more info.

AppViz 3.0.2

Over the Thankgiving holiday here in the states, we put a bit of time in to release AppViz 3.0.2. Our goal was to deliver some quick fixes and a few tiny features to improve the quality of life of our users. Let us know what you think!


  • Include in-app purchase revenue with product revenue on the dashboard
  • Show fractions on tooltips in revenue graphs (cents for USD, etc)
  • Type ahead support for list views on details
  • Tooltips for flags in Stats rankings
  • The country popup on Details Rankings now stays open when selecting to allow rapidly switching between countries.
  • Improved in-app store workflow and adjusted the window size to accommodate PayPal
  • Bug Fixes

For a more detailed list of changes, see our version history.

Introducing AppViz 3


We’re very proud to announce the all-new version of AppViz we’ve been working hard on for over a year.

So what’s new? It would be easier to say what isn’t. In partnership with the Iconfactory, we’ve rethought, redesigned, and redeveloped AppViz, resulting in a more polished, elegant and powerful experience. The app was rewritten from the ground up, its code reviewed and optimized. In addition to a beautiful new interface, we focused on improving performance so that the new features and UI will scream on even modest hardware.

AppViz 3 is packed with powerful features we think you’ll love, from a Dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye view of your market performance, to the Financial module that can reconcile your bank statements with Apple’s financial reports and compute revenue splits with partners. Even our graphs have been redesigned, providing a greater level of detail and analysis.

This release of AppViz also brings two major changes: a web-based service and a subscription pricing model. AppViz has thrived because of our ability to keep up with the constant updates Apple makes to iTunes Connect. We’ve released dozens of updates every year to provide the kind of support and functionality that you’ve come to expect. centralizes our download pipeline. This allows us to monitor, intercept and even fix the errors and changes in Apple’s APIs that would otherwise require you to contact us and wait for an update. It also enables linking your AppViz account across multiple machines and devices. Over the next year we have new releases and features planned to extend and enhance your AppViz experience, and the centralized service is a key part in providing many of those.

If you don’t want your data stored in the cloud, however, we haven’t forgotten you. We are planning to add support for local storage to a future release. This will still use our new service architecture, but it will not store your credentials or data any longer than needed to download the reports. It will come at the cost of some of the features and integration provided by online storage, but we know this is an important option to provide to some of you.

That brings us to the subscription model. AppViz is now absolutely free for tracking a single app. It was important to us that if you’re just starting out, you should be able to benefit from AppViz without having to break the bank or have limited features. We’re fully functional for your first app, forever, for free.
Have a few apps? You can track up to 20 apps for ten dollars a month, or you can save by buying a year up-front for $100. We also offer tiers for 21-50 apps at $20/month or $200/year and 51-100 apps for $30 a month or $300 each year. If you have more than 100 apps, we’d love to talk to you and work out a volume price. Just drop us a line.

So, why switch to a subscription model for version 3? It gives us the freedom to come up with a great idea, or hear one of yours, and be able to deliver it rapidly without holding it for a big, paid release. We previously spent a great deal of time doing releases that fixed issues created by Apple’s changes. The new model lets us fix those problems easily and spend more time on features you want and need.

If you want more information about these changes, Craig Hockenberry of the Iconfactory wrote a detailed blog post explaining some of the thinking that went into them.

We’re excited to take this next step and hope the new version exceeds your expectations. Have questions about anything you’ve read? Be sure to visit our FAQ page to get answers to questions regarding your account, billing, tech support and more.

Ready to start using the new app? Download AppViz 3

Special Note for AppViz 2 Upgraders: If you upgrade before the end of the year, you can use this link to generate a coupon code that will get you 30% off the first six months of your subscription. If you purchased AppViz after August 1, 2013 we’ll extend your subscription for 6 free months, just get in touch.